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"The Catholic Church hierarchy tells us women that we must dress with more demureness and more modesty.
BAUHAUS - Are we witnessing a return to drab-chic demureness? Austere prints and cuts may very well be making a comeback in a '90s Prada kind of way.
passivity and demureness." (49) This mother is both mild and
Outside the walls of the typical Muslim households that I visited in Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt, all was demureness and propriety.
Montoya herself uses the word malcriadas to describe these women because of the ways in which they defy feminine propriety, passivity, demureness. She leaves little room for doubt that these are strong, hard women, although she is at pains to underscore hard means physically, the result of ah intensive training regime, and not hard in the sense of emotionally distant or brutal.
Mori was deemed too confident, too outspoken and even too tall for a true Japanese beauty, where demureness is still often a byword for attractiveness.
Actress persuasively evokes this astringent character, whom all agree "hadn't been easy to love," through subtle vocal and physical changes from youthful demureness to middle-aged propriety, and thence to the severity of old age.
THE gorgeous Welsh opera star Katherine Jenkins has come clean with an admission that shattered her demureness.
While Moore praises Bishop's "formidable demureness" in the piece, she also writes that she feels compelled to encourage the younger poet to be more forthright and avoid what she feared might be excessive "tentativeness and interiorizing" in Bishop's work (391).
Cuban women fall into some of the Latina stereotypes, such as an assumption of Christian identity and practice (which are not the norms in Cuba), and a submissive and loyal disposition, combined with demureness and beauty.
They are the memoirs of the prodigal son, not groveling in the throes of expiation, but requesting years later, from a polite audience, demureness for his foregone dissolution.
It seems the gull wing door and drop down sill is for ease and demureness of access.