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Nonetheless, these explicit demurrals on the part of Tolkien have not kept commentators from seeing a linkage.
The phrases in this definitive account of new historicism (which apply likewise to its variants, cultural poetics and cultural materialism) have been repeated and mimicked, triumphantly brandished and solemnly invoked--usually with the implication that any demurral has been rendered irrelevant--for more than a quarter of a century.
It is also worth noting the demurral of critics like Mike Chopra-Gant to the notion that noir typifies a zeitgeist in which "the mood of early postwar American society was particularly neurotic or anxious" (147).
The thought came to him as he craned his neck to watch the boys walk away toward the field: home, wrestling with his father about learning a trade, his mother's demurral, brother James' physical overbearingness.
Depp would play Obadiah Demurral, a wicked sorcerer who vows to take over the world in the fantasy movie, due to start shooting next year.
Meanwhile, Jakai Smith, the second one, availed himself of a culturally standard demurral, momentarily declining to discuss the subject with me.
Still, the appearance in Faulkner's text of the name of the strategy or gesture of the Eucharist, hedged round albeit by demurral and explicit re-direction, sends tremors through the reading body, and while it is not at all unusual to wonder at worrisome length what Faulkner's narrators are up to, this linguistic usage seems ripe for a bypass.
Aimed at the nine to 12-year-old market, Shadowmancer is the dark tale of a devilish English vicar Obadiah Demurral who tries to control the world using demons and the dead in 18th-century England.
The usual demurral I hear is that "she's" good on Shakespeare.
Demurral has stolen, cheated, and lied in his efforts to increase his wealth and status at the expense of others.
Notwithstanding all the discussion and debate, most Americans likely would embrace Bush's demurral and say we're simply attempting to foster democracy, peace, and stability around the world, hardly imperial designs in the tradition of past empires.