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Can I risk a final demurral (or at least a missed opportunity)?
There were demurrals and reservations, but, on the whole, the formerly "alienated" began to speak as lawfully adopted sons and daughters of the United States.
Jewish congressmen expressed the profound sentiments of American Jewry, while the Christian majority ranged from sincere expressions of religious obligation to pragmatic demurrals of American interventionism.
The letter precipitated an avalanche of demurrals, to which I responded with further missives.
What exemplifies Marlow's narrative, in fact, is the integrity of its content, as the details, reflections, judgments, demurrals emerge with astonishing and attenuating openness, deliberation.
Conversely, a woman's silence and demurrals are certainly no guarantee that she is not sexually active.
Such actions almost always are very discreet, so investors and financial executives making acquisition decisions are not likely to be told of such demurrals.
What did surprise me was the tepid reaction of supposedly pro-gay Episcopal bishops, who with few exceptions responded to the vicious antigay bullying with either total silence or tame demurrals.
My ungracious demurrals aside, this is a truly wonderful book.
But such demurrals were vastly overshadowed by the praise.
Hacker makes clear that part of this influence stemmed from misinterpretations of the Tractatus--misinterpretations which some members of the Circle embraced with an enthusiastic stubbornness that even the author's demurrals failed to temper.
But neither that erudition nor the poems' virtuosity completely explains the curious reticences and demurrals of even his most impassioned reviewers.