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To dispute a legal Pleading or a statement of the facts being alleged through the use of a demurrer.

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to raise an objection by entering a DEMURRER.
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He also demurred on the mechanism of naming a prime minister, following the binding consultations, calling for determining a deadline for the designation period.
Fortunately I demurred at the chance to purchase the matching earrings at PS3,000 the pair.
Garton wanted the resulting book, In a Dark Place, sold as fiction, but the publisher demurred.
Only the S&D group demurred, arguing that maintaining the full harmonisation of rules on unfair terms (Chapter 5) is "unacceptable".
Roman commoners loved their chariot races (although Pliny the Younger demurred, dubbing the races a "futile, tedious, monotonous business"), and they also loved their charioteers.
"It's sort of beyond liking or disliking someone," the actor demurred. "He's someone I've come to know and got to play.
But he applied his genius to handguns even before Thomas Bennett at Winchester demurred on John's autoloading shotgun in 1900, ending the relationship.
The Bush administration had asked Congress to require 1099-MISC reporting for payments to corporations as part of its fiscal 2008 and 2009 budget proposals, but it demurred then.
Benetton demurred and the case was ultimately referred to the Netherlands' supreme court, which referred proceedings to the ECJ.
The crowd was drawn from the four corners of the world but not one person demurred or, refusing to submit, turned back.
Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, demurred...," wrote the Creators Syndicate commentator.
Despite the rosy scenario painted by its suitor, Midwest demurred, saying it prefers to go it alone as it has done since it began flying out of its Milwaukee hub in 1984.