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DEMIES. In some universities and colleges this term is synonymous with scholars. Boyle on Charities, 129.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Then, on July 2, 'Les Demoiselles de Rochefort' ('The Young Girls of Rochefort'), directed by Jacques Demy and also starring Deneuve, will be screened at 7.30pm.
Demy, who moved from East London to Coventry to study last year, wrote and performed a freestyle, spoken-word poem for the film.
The International delegates filmmakers, Directors and Producers includes Komeil Soheili, Kim Jooyoung, Nikkin Loke Sau Mui, Liguer Tu, Min Min Hein, Hassnain Imran Hani, Boopathy Wickramage, Merve Cirisoglu Cotur, Fatemeh Hassanzadeh, Kamboziya Partovi, Nasrin Moradi, Hamid Reza Soheili, Mariya Saeed, Sahraa Karimi, Syed Jala Rohani, Anne Hellen Geroe Demy and Amir Masoud Soheili.
Enchantements desenchantes: Les contes queer de Jacques Demy. Trans.
In order to grasp the full range and complexity of the New Wave, it is necessary also to consider in depth some of its other, perhaps less celebrated but equally intriguing practitioners, including Agnes Varda, Alain Resnais, and Jacques Demy. This special issue of Post Script aims to take a few steps in that direction, at least as far as Demy is concerned.
A silver-screen icon who has embodied the charm, nonchalance, and refinement of French womanhood for more than five decades, Catherine Deneuve saw her acting career take off after Jacques Demy noticed her in Jacques-Gerard Cornu's 1960 film "L' homme a femmes" ("Ladies Man"), reviewed by Variety on Dec.
She brings us to her childhood home in Brussels, recounts her fears and aspirations during wartime and the Nazi occupation, as well as her revelations as a student and as a lover, her coming of age as an artist among artists, the birth of her first child and of her second with her husband and love of her life, Jacques Demy, and the enduring sadness over his death that she carries with her to her 80th birthday, the celebration of which concludes the film.
Queer enchantments; gender, sexuality, and class in the fairy-tale cinema of Jacques Demy.
According to Sport24, Demy De Zeeuw opened the scoring for Anderlecht in the 68th minute, only for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to equalise two minutes later from inside the area.
icle Hire, based at Red Huddersfield, is -seat minibus to demy players and staff atches.
"I'M TRYING TO CREATE A WORLD IN MY FILMS;" Jacques Demy once said.