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DENARII. An ancient general term for any sort of pecunia numerata, or ready money. The French use the word denier in the same sense: payer de ses propres deniers.

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The origins of the names 'penny' for denarius and 'shilling' for solidus are uncertain but similar words exist in German and other northern European languages.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 15, 2014-Mercer Acquires Chile-based Survey Firm Denarius
Additionally; the denarius used for payment was stamped with an image of the emperor and called him the son of God--not at all in keeping with Jewish sensibilities.
To those hired first, he acts as an employer: he promises the usual daily wage, one denarius.
It stands for penny and also denarius (hence the "d").
But by the middle of the third century, the Roman denarius had only 2 percent sliver.
Last season, Denarius Moore led the club with 741 receiving yards.
Wages of free nonfarmworkers were about three-fourths of a denarius (d) per day or about 270 d on an annualized basis (about twice the regular base pay for soldiers).
Among the finds were exquisite fragments of high quality Samianware pottery, probably made in what is now southern France, a silver denarius from the reign of the Emperor Domitian, 81-96AD, a hob-nailed boot found in an old well and remains of amphorae, pottery vessels which held wine.
Godfather of the Macedonian denar currency is academician Petar Ilievski and the name comes from the ancient roman word denarius.
Perhaps the most famous coin is the silver denarius known as the Eid Mar ('Ides of March'), struck by Marcus Junius Brutus to commemorate his murder of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.
2) The first of these was a denarius issued in 28 BC which portrayed Octavian facing right above a small capricorn with the legend CAESAR DIVI F COS VI on the obverse, with a crocodile and the legend AEGVPTO CAPTA on the reverse.