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9) The process of painting "Oloferne," as well as denaturalizing and forcing the reader to "see" the assymetrical gaze, opens the possibility for Artemisia to escape from the hierarchies of subject/object and the limiting duality of the surveyor/surveyed options in her own constitution of identity, offering a third option.
Mimicry is the denaturalizing critical distance between some version of a "real" imitation--mimesis--and its exaggeration.
There is a certain irony, not completely lost on environmentalists, that at the very moment when the political significance of ecology seems almost indisputable, so many social theorists seem intent on denaturalizing ecological politics.
In closing, I wish to offer some suggestions for future research on social welfare policies, with the aim of denaturalizing institutionalized heterosexuality and bringing LGBT communities to the center of research on poverty, families, and state policy.
Since language students are at an advantage for denaturalizing their own cultural assumptions, the French classroom constitutes a unique laboratory for insights into the pedagogy of all disciplines, insights considered in part one, "Queering Pedagogy.
Tejada takes what seems at first a clear image and contorts so that the linguistic structure reshapes the physical landscape--see, for instance, the break between "after" and "noon," or the containment of the "we" in the natural "weather" that ends up denaturalizing the image because it is not exactly clear what such an inclusion might mean.
She successfully captures the novelty of the tree as a way to imagine the flow of time over successive generations, denaturalizing this image and historicizing its many variants.
Might Dinshaw's project gain something, then, by even further questioning and denaturalizing sexual categories, and particularly those treated in the Middle Ages (and by medievalists) as normative?
12] It is this doubly critical strategy, of denaturalizing both images and viewing positions, that Signifyin(g) upon dominant representations can effect.
By historicizing and denaturalizing the interconnections between late-19th-century theories of race and sexuality, Somerville attempts to link these two objects of discourse, and between racialized and sexualized bodies.
Virus particles contained a single major protein of about 28 kDa as estimated by denaturalizing poli-acrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and a single RNA molecule of about 7kb.
New historicism has shown no interest in Foucault's account of the past as the history of the present, relativizing and thus denaturalizing our own current practices by locating them in a relation of discontinuity with what has gone before.