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This is possible since the hydrophobic groups of the unfolded chain are shielded by the denaturants, which prevent aggregation.
Mutation analyses of KRAS exon 1 comparing three different techniques: temporal temperature gradient electro phoresis, constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis and allele specific polymerase chain reaction.
To achieve the same separation reported for large size gel, two mini-gels with different ranges of denaturant concentrations were used.
c) The amount of denaturant in fuel ethanol produced.
1981-2008: Data in thousand barrels for petroleum denaturant in fuel ethanol produced are estimated as 2% of fuel ethanol production; these data are converted to Btu by multiplying by 4.
The second criterion was to include genes containing melting domains representative of all possible denaturant gradients, such as low-, intermediate low-, intermediate high-, and high melters.
Variable tested Effect on SSCP pattern - MgCl2 concentration DNA concentration - Primer concentration + Type of denaturant - Snap chilling -
This facility will be used mainly to determine the parameters of child and infant nutrition including the entire range of pesticides as well as the determination of unauthorized denaturants in alcohol and spirit drinks, illegal drugs, food additives and contaminants, and further detecting food adulteration.
Focusing on theory and practical applications for both established methods and new procedures, the book covers areas such as protein interactions with water and salts, the effects of molecular crowding, methods for studying flexibility and intramolecular interactions in proteins, methods for characterization of the unfolded state, single-molecule methods, and a new application of denaturants to address protein stability in vivo.
The amount of allowable denaturants, for purposes of the alcohol fuels credit, is reduced from 5% to 2% of the volume of alcohol for fuel sold or used after December 31, 2008 (Sec.
Fierce competition on the Internal Market, higher imports from non-EU countries, imports of diluted alcohol at a zero tariff rate and greater quantities of blends of alcohol with denaturants imported at far lower tariffs have increased pressure on the sector.
Denaturants help prevent protein precipitation and reduce loss of albumin associated proteins.