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The increased expression during the summer season could provoke its transcription to protect cells from the damaging effects of heat stress such as the denaturation of proteins, helps in protein refolding, and thereby prevents aggregation of denatured proteins [38].
In the case of PCR, thermal denaturation in each cycle creates the single-strand templates: in TMA, the initial target is single-stranded RNA and within the cycling process, RNase H activity degrades the RNA component of DNA/RNA hybrid molecules to leave ssDNA.
C'est fort de cette conviction que le president Obama s'est implique recemment et personnellement pour eviter toute denaturation de la MINURSO dans le travail qu'elle effectue dans les Provinces du Sud", a ajoute l'ex-ministre francaise de la justice, notant que les Etats-Unis, comme l'Europe, voient dans le Maroc un allie sur sur lequel ils peuvent compter face aux differentes crises qui secouent le monde arabe et le continent africain.
The PCR cycle involves three steps: denaturation, primer annealing, and primer extension.
Drying may, however, cause denaturation of soy protein leading to a reduction of thermally unstable amino acids including cystine, methionine, cysteine, tryptophan and lysine [16].
Denaturation is a process that changes the shape and configuration of proteins when they are heated and stressed by fermentation, high pressure and other intensive treatments.
Denaturation % = WPNraw--WPNheated/ WPNraw x 100 (Manji and Kakuda, 1987).
Drug developers also are investigating the patch platform as an alternative delivery system for peptide drugs that are vulnerable to proteolytic attack and that tend to undergo aggregation, adsorption and denaturation.
Biotrue has been specially formulated to surround and protect lysozyme to prevent denaturation and maintain its antimicrobial properties.
Denaturation of lysozyme, affecting its natural 3-D shape, has been shown to reduce its bactericidal action.