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DEAN, eccl. law. An ecclesiastical officer, who derives his name from the fact that he presides over ten canons, or, prebondaries, at least. There are several kinds of deans, namely: 1. Deans of chapters. 2. Deans of peculiars. 3. Rural deans. 4. Deans in the colleges. 5. Honorary deans. 6. Deans of provinces.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The 24-year-old was found at Crimdon Dene near Blackhall Colliery on the outskirts of Hartlepool.
She added the Dene was "overrun by rats" and said: "I feel it's disgusting, this is not what we want to show to all the visitors that come here every day."
Director Lee Howard said: "I'm really pleased Dene is appearing in the film, he's a great talent but his role will also be a nice link to a classic film I've always been a fan of."
Dene returned to the London stage in June 1885, as Leighton's Serenely Wandering in a Trance of Sober Thought was on display at the Royal Academy.
80s pop star Dene Michael just can't stop bidding for a bargain
However, a few changes needed to be made to transform it into the ideal family home for Dene, his wife Debbie and their five-year-old twins Farah and Jay.
Deep in the bowels of the National Vegetable Research Station, in Wellesbourne, the Dene crew elected to name themselves after the river that flowed through the grounds of their laboratories.
The MOU formalizes Oilsands Quest's commitment to the Birch Narrows Dene Nation to provide better access to business and employment opportunities with Oilsands Quest and provide a mechanism for building a strong relationship.
Those peoples who collaborate before the Dene yield are not merely sell-outs.
I am sure that without the care and attention she receives at Leighton Dene it would simply be too much for me to cope, and my mother would need to be placed in permanent residential care, so becoming a larger financial bill for the council.
I urge Warren Bradley to think again and reverse the council's decision to close Leighton Dene and Boaler Street.