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would maintain a line of plausible deniability, claiming that it wasn't a U.
The problem, however, is that authoritarian states, such as Russia and China, have an interest in preserving "patriotic hackers" as a policy instrument while maintaining plausible deniability.
Section 4 describes the preliminaries and the notion of deniability.
When questions are raised about Al Nusra's rising prominence in the conflict, the West has been increasingly unsuccessful in convincing the world of its own plausible deniability.
However, covert ops were the unit's essential mandate and deniability was built into it and it reads, "The proposed organization (TSD) will enable the military intelligence directorate to provide a quick response to any act of state-sponsored terrorism with a high degree of deniability.
Plausible deniability distanced Washington from the continuing war.
It is to ensure that Kashmir is back on the international radar with complete deniability for the Pakistan government," a south Block source said.
Plausible deniability doesn't work when your excuses are just not plausible.
The takeaway is that a strategy that seeks to provide potentially vulnerable legislators with a degree of plausible deniability makes sense.
Nobody needs a back door; this is plausible deniability," he quipped as he detailed weaknesses in three small Huawei routers that could be exploited using basic hacking techniques.
Called Rakshasa (which are unrighteous spirits in Hindu and Buddhist mythoi), this backdoor is persistent, very hard to detect, portable, and because it's built using open-source tools (Coreboot, SeaBIOS, and iPXE) it could be used by governments and still grant them plausible deniability.