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In 2017, Zeng et al.[10] constructed an encryption scheme with multi-receiver which achieved CCA2 security to support deniable ring authentication.
Wiseman argues that to compel the production of files hidden by deniable
"I would love to take them a little bit more off the grid, and a little bit more like have their own private security firm, which is totally deniable by the government.
Women's exclusion from offices that could directly influence policy only increased their value as wielders of 'soft-power', as intermediaries, or as more readily deniable co-conspirators.
It is officially deniable,' he said, adding that most items would be in amounts less than P2 million.
Maltby said that he mentioned that his own wife was "very understanding" and she then felt a fleeting touch - so brief it was almost deniable".
May's scripted boast she's "pretty resilient" is fatally undermined by her inability to menace chief plotter Johnson, leaving it to a flunkey in the shadows to issue deniable threats he could be sacked as Foreign Secretary.
In fact, one security researcher says the NotPetya ransomware is designed to "spread fast and cause damage, with the plausibly deniable cover of 'ransomware'".
Indeed, the laws of identity, causality, and non-contradiction are so fundamental that they are not rationally deniable. (Ayn Rand's axioms, "existence exists" and "consciousness exists," are in this category as well.) As I put it in Loving Life:
Now that genocide is no longer deniable, psychologizing settler behavior is a tack that is growing popular, perhaps as a way off the inglorious hook of land seizure.
However in our modified protocol (called mHMQV) we exchange the undeniable layer of BLS with the deniable layer of Schnorr-like protocol from [19].
Once I realized that I could escape the fate of being indirectly examined--or at least, as I now realize, that my indirect examination was going to remain entirely implicit, and thus deniable by all parties involved--I could enjoy and appreciate the improvised critical performances that Ross offered us on these occasions, and relish his fluency in the supplementary language that literature, at its best, could be.