denial of entry

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In recent years, Israel has tried to make entry and visiting to the Palestinian territories increasingly hard by using deportation, denial of entry and visa restriction polices to foreign spouses of Palestinians, NGO workers and visitors who say they are coming to visit the Palestinian territories.
Sean O'Neill, a US citizen, was informed that the denial of entry was ordered by Israel's Ministry of Interior.
Daoud further contested the attorney general's rebuttal, arguing the listed reasons for denial of entry do not constitute valid legal justifications, and that they certainly do not trump the unprecedented violation of press freedom that would accompany Malsin's deportation.
The Vehicle Stopping System is a remotely triggered denial of entry device that utilizes a net to capture and surround a suspicious vehicle.
Laski asked Interior Minister Yishai to act in accordance with Article 14 of the Entry into Israel Law, and publish regulations specifying the categories of people who would be denied a visa or residence permit, as well as specifying the reasons for such a denial of entry.
The VSS is a remotely triggered denial of entry device that utilizes a net to capture and surround a suspicious vehicle, capturing the occupants aside until authorities arrive.
The denial of entry today at the Allenby Bridge border crossing from Jordan shows that the previous policies of siege and isolation continue," a statement from the group said on Sunday.
The restrictions include non-renewal of visas for reporters not holding Israeli documentation, prohibiting the interviewing of all politicians except three designated spokespeople, and denial of entry into briefings and press conferences.
D'Escoto said Israel's detention and denial of entry to Falk "reflects a dangerous decision by individual countries to rebuff UN mandates and UN-appointed mandate holders.
serious sanctions, including denial of entry into Israel for ten years and
The two major problems that have troubled young and single tourists were difficulty to get residential accommodations and the denial of entry to shopping complexes and malls.
RAWALPINDI, May 09, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The customers, standing in queues outside the branch of a private bank, in Commercial Market on Saturday complained about the denial of entry even before official closing time.