denial of justice

See: injustice
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'I firmly believe that access to justice in fundamental rights guaranteed to all the citizens of Pakistan and that denial of justice to any citizen is tantamount to the denial of his/her right to life, liberty, dignity, fair trial and equality.
The brutal cold-blooded murder of Naqeebullah Mehsud and the subsequent brazen denial of justice in the case of a functionary of the state ignited the already simmering combustible material of hatred against those whom they considered responsible for making their abode a hell.
'This thinking has badly shaken their confidence over the world community, so it is high time for the international brethren to come forward and hold the hand of Kashmiri people in their fight against imperialism, tyranny, rights violations, denial of justice and above all, their right to self determination acknowledged by the UNSC decades before', Altaf Wani said.
The denial of justice recounted by "Stony the Road" was every bit as bad as apartheid.
Touching upon President Macrons decision on declaring April 24 as a national day of commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in France, the Foreign Minister underscored that Armenia and the Armenian people highly appreciate this step of the brotherly people of France towards the restoration of the denial of justice.
Skretny also agreed that an award of $1.55 million for psychological and physical damages award against Cuer "does in fact shock the conscience and constitute a denial of justice."
That is why, more than freedom, the denial of justice can be quite damaging from an earlier stage.
Ibn Hasan Rizvi said that corruption would eat the country like termite and destroy it like a cancer, thus delay in finalizing the cases of corruption was tantamount to a denial of justice and interest of the country.
Indeed, these delays translate into a denial of justice to the citizen, as a functional and efficient judicial system is an essential component of any democratic order.
Under this standard, an award of damages must stand unless it is 'grossly excessive, inordinate, shocking to the conscience of the court, or so high that it would be a denial of justice to permit it to stand.' Correa v.
It is obvious for girls and women to be angry over carelessness in the investigation which led to denial of justice to the victim." ( ANI )
Extending his gratitude to the unwavering commitment and the resolve displayed by the young Hurriyat leaders Masarrat Aalam Butt and Mohammad Yousuf Falahi, Syed Ali Gilani regretted the denial of justice to the prisoners of conscience.