denial of the allegations

See: demurrer
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Team Sky has issued a firm denial of the allegations, and reiterated its commitment to clean cycling.
A spokeswoman said the BBC had reported Sir Cliff's "full denial of the allegations at every stage".
But De Lima repeated her denial of the allegations first aired against her by President Duterte and other administration officials.
The BBC, at every stage, reported Sir Cliff 's full denial of the allegations.
Iftikhar claimed that there has been no denial of the allegations leveled against the Sharif Family in the Zafar Ali Shah case as yet.
Lampitt's denial of the allegations led to the 'added trauma' of her having to give evidence at his trial, said the judge.
Lord Rennard issued a fresh strenuous denial of the allegations and highlighted party rules that set out the need for any case against him to be "proved by evidence to the requisite standard".
CLEVELAND'S former Chief Constable Sean Price has today strongly reiterated his denial of the allegations against him.
MTN further notes the South African government's denial of the allegations that MTN exercised influence over it.
MTN further notes the South African government s denial of the allegations that MTN exercised influence over it.
In December, Ankara temporarily withdrew its ambassador from Paris and froze political and military relations after the French National Assembly voted to criminalize denial of the allegations.
He apparently gave up the post to take responsibility for causing political confusion despite his denial of the allegations.