denial of the allegations

See: demurrer
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Lampitt's denial of the allegations led to the 'added trauma' of her having to give evidence at his trial, said the judge.
Lord Rennard issued a fresh strenuous denial of the allegations and highlighted party rules that set out the need for any case against him to be "proved by evidence to the requisite standard".
CLEVELAND'S former Chief Constable Sean Price has today strongly reiterated his denial of the allegations against him.
Last year District Court Judge Rakoff of the Southern District of New York rejected a proposed stipulated order between the SEC and Citigroup because the record did not contain either an admission or denial of the allegations underlying the complaint.
MTN further notes the South African government's denial of the allegations that MTN exercised influence over it.
MTN further notes the South African government s denial of the allegations that MTN exercised influence over it.
In December, Ankara temporarily withdrew its ambassador from Paris and froze political and military relations after the French National Assembly voted to criminalize denial of the allegations.
He apparently gave up the post to take responsibility for causing political confusion despite his denial of the allegations.
Despite the categorical denial of the allegations made by unnamed sources to the Guardian newspaper that Jordan was behind the jamming of Al Jazeera's broadcast of the World Cup; and despite the government's announcement [of] its readiness to cooperate with any independent team of experts, Al Jazeera continued, through its programmes and news reports, to repeat the allegations," the Jordanian official said.
The judge said the girl's denial of the allegations cannot be trusted as she drastically changed what she said, adding that she has a strong tendency to break social rules, blame others and lie.
officials in Baghdad, noted the Australian paper, "have not made an outright denial of the allegations.
McCabe issued an immediate denial of the allegations concerning his riding of Red Lancer.