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We will boycott the products that denigrate women, that denigrate African-Americans, even if it's by our own artists.
He has wasted much energy and many words in a compulsively foolish campaign to denigrate all aspects of Baldwin's literary accomplishments.
To note Blewett's essay is not to denigrate the others.
Cragg does not mean by pointing out that obvious fact to denigrate Islam, but he does make it clear that Islam was a late-comer to the region by some six or so centuries.
The rule states players or officials must not denigrate or criticise another player or denigrate or criticise an official, umpire, referee or team, the paper further said.
Summary: Dakar - Morocco called, on Tuesday in Dakar, for boosting the media action of the Standing Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (COMIAC) to enable it face up to the campaigns which denigrate Islam and Muslims.
They denigrate our country, they denigrate our Army, they denigrate our police force, they have nothing good to say about Britain.
The OIC rejects all types of activities that denigrate or insult prophets and religious symbols," Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said in a statement yesterday.
I don't like country and western music, but I'm not going to denigrate those readers who do.
They denigrate our multi-faith society as a politically correct nightmare that has suppressed America's "true" Christian origins.
Gandhi had no such power in pre-independent India and if there were even the inkling of such sexual misdemeanor on the part of Gandhi, the English would have been the first to pounce on the opportunity to denigrate Gandhi.