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According to Cho, the people with power who felt incompetent denigrated their partner if they didn't receive any gratitude.
The ASA ruled that the ad was misleading and denigrated the bingo industry and should not be broadcast again.
And let me as an Archbishop admit that Christians throughout the ages have denigrated women and often used the Bible to do so - and let me apologise for that.
If anything denigrated this wonderful building these banners did.
McClellan is one of the most disputable and often denigrated figures of the Civil War.
Catholics were singled out for abuse, the Catholic Church was denigrated, the Pope was vilified and on occasion, some priests were ordered to desecrate the cross or the rosary.
In exchange for modest pay-offs, those military commanders--previously denigrated in administration propaganda as Ba'athist "holdouts" or "dead-enders"--use their influence with the guerrillas to end attacks on U.
Years later, more said the orphan trains were a good idea than denigrated them.
Watson's words will resonate with many who gave their lives and careers to the denomination, only to see their labors denigrated and dismantled.
In the 1960s, when computers were as big as buildings, structural engineers were denigrated as failed aeronautical engineers.
He denigrated President Bush's call last year for market forces" to adjust nursing home financing, noting that predominantly government-supported reimbursement was more akin to Soviet-Union-style "command and control" economics.
If we were to open our ears and minds to the message that sexual abstinence should be the norm for the teenage years, that virginity is something to be cherished and not denigrated, that there is a meaning and order in the Creator's plans for the human race--then we might be seen as people for whom the faithful of Islam could have some respect.