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The "time has come to establish denigration of all religions and their followers as a hate crime.
Kaira said the world would have to end double standards as if there was no permission to speak on holocaust then why the denigration of our Holy Prophet is allowed.
The former political prisoners are victims of denigration campaign because they claim their legitimate right of compensation," said Mr.
It was confirmed that different forms of cyberbullying identified in the literature were included in the questionnaire such as flaming, harassment, cyberstalking, denigration, masquerade, outing and trickery, and exclusion.
The well-documented denigration of medical personnel and of scientists by Mbeki and his health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has been an equally important factor driving the medical profession into conflict with the state.
Now that I no longer wear short pants I am indifferent to flattery or denigration.
I do sense a move away from some of the denigration of the role of PCSOs that I know has gone on previously and I will continue to make the argument for the role of PCSOs.
But CA[c]line SA needs to demonstrate an "impression that there is a commercial connection between the user and the trade mark proprietor, [which] affects the value of the trade mark by taking unfair advantage of its distinctive character or repute or entails the discrediting or denigration of that mark," to block its rival's use of the name in trading, said Sharpston.
Tracing this lineage reveals that the subject of politics is fundamentally problematic for Stoicism, especially since the denigration of politics is central to Stoic ethics.
One Leibovitz assistant told me that Leibovitz sometimes sounded like a page out of On Photography's denigration of efforts to capture the world with a camera.
No Sacred Scripture is worthy of denigration in any publication anywhere, let alone in a publication put out in the name of the Catholic Church itself.