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The organisation urged the government to form an action committee to create awareness to stop the denigration of National flag on Independence Day and prohibit production and sale of the national flag.
Teachers never take strike action lightly but they are extremely angry at the intransigence of Michael Gove, his incessant denigration of the profession and the damage he is causing to the education of students.
The "time has come to establish denigration of all religions and their followers as a hate crime.
Kaira said the world would have to end double standards as if there was no permission to speak on holocaust then why the denigration of our Holy Prophet is allowed.
President Barack Obama on Saturday rejected any denigration of Islam, but said there is no excuse for attacks on U.S.
The ISESCO also reiterated support for the Moroccan government's position in this regard, and called upon all its Member States to stand against all deliberate denigration of Muslims' sanctities and religion, and to express denouncement of any attempt to defame Islam, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Islamic symbols.
We have an infantilised population; celebrities who are overpaid and childishly arrogant; a generation of illiterate children out of control; adolescents whose anti-social behaviour is now beyond the point of legislation; the influence of entertainers and satirists exceeding that of the lawmakers; and the denigration of public life.
Summary: Rabat - The Moroccan trade unions denounced, on Friday in Rabat, the unfair position of the European Parliament (EP) towards Morocco at the instigation of the Spanish Popular Party which leads a denigration campaign against the Kingdom.
Inciting hatred and denigration against Bahrain's political regime, diffusing calumnies and rumours, disseminating subversive propaganda to disrupt and jeopardise security and stability feature in the count of charges.
It was confirmed that different forms of cyberbullying identified in the literature were included in the questionnaire such as flaming, harassment, cyberstalking, denigration, masquerade, outing and trickery, and exclusion.
The well-documented denigration of medical personnel and of scientists by Mbeki and his health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has been an equally important factor driving the medical profession into conflict with the state.