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DENIZEN, English law. An alien born, who has obtained, ex donatione legis, letters patent to make him au English subject.
     2. He is intermediate between a natural born subject and an alien. He may. take lands by purchase or devise, which an alien cannot, but he is incapable of taking by inheritance. 1 Bl. Com. 374. In the United States there is no such civil condition.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Third, it looks like he just ain't clicking with those very same denizens, who more often leave gatherings with LS with more questions than they had before they got there.
American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Michael Rubin is best known to the world as an apologist for Ahmed Chalabi, and best known to denizens of 2000 L Street for his habit of smearing Prospect writers.
Moti's videos offer a suggestive alternative to the overcoded imagery mass-produced for the visually literate denizens of contemporary culture.
As is natural for the fourth quarter, big chunks of space are gaining more attention in midtown from large space users, the denizens of corporate America who often make their move just before the year runs out.
Together their voyages of discovery pit them against chupacabra, cave monkeys, carnivorous plants, skunk apes, yeti, and many more monstrous denizens of terrible jungles in which no man can bear to ask for directions and listen to the answer.
The faithful perished, while the denizens of the red light district, which was built on strong stone, simply carried on sinning.
Turn a backyard into a miniature wildlife refuge through thoughtful choices of food, water and habitat, cope with unwanted denizens, and learn to enjoy birds and mammals alike.
Ellen Page eventually won a Best Actress Award for her role in the Altman-lite film about the denizens of a mysterious seaside island in danger of rapid overdevelopment.
Large elegant hotels provided accommodations for guests who, like denizens of the Springs, viewed the wanderings of fashionable travelers as a quasi-religious experience, and the resorts themselves as "disenchanted pilgrimage sites." (69).
South of Big Sur, we passed the Esalen spiritual center and I wondered whether the Beemer's primal purr would prove therapeutic to any of the current denizens. It certainly had a calming influence on us.
The sentence that particularly captures my admiration: "Should the day ever come when the rule that was in Omaha Sunday night became the dominant rule, the grasses of the jungle would overspread our civilization, its wild denizens, human and brute, would make their foul feast on the ruins, and the God who rules over us would turn His face in sorrow from a world given over to hostility."
The denizens of Kansai also beat out Tokyo in the number of keitai emails sent and received each day, both at work (3.5 received, 3.0 sent) and off the job (5.0 received, 4.7 sent).