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6 Other claims on euro area credit institutions denominated in euro 35,146 -822
in the 1-Year Return-Equity Fund Category (Peso Denominated); the Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund, Inc.
According to I-T law, interest payable by an Indian company or a business trust to a non-resident, including a foreign company, on rupee denominated bond issued outside India before the July 1, 2020, was liable for concessional rate of tax of 5 per cent.
In the wake of the same, low cost foreign borrowings through off-shore rupee denominated bond have been further incentivised to increase the foreign exchange inflow.
Based on end-2013 data, Moody's estimates that 45% of rated issuers' total cash is denominated in foreign currency and 50% of their expected operating cash flows during the next 18-month period would be denominated in foreign currency.
According to POGC's managers, issuance of rial denominated bonds could be profitable even if its profit rate are raised to 35 percent which is the result of good return of money invested in South Pars gas field projects.
The simple interest was 9.02 percent, and the composite interest was 8.73 percent in the auction of 21-month TRY denominated bonds.
If you plan to open a non-USD denominated account, please contact Forex-Metal Accounts department at for assistance.
1984), satisfying a debt instrument denominated in a foreign currency was held not to be a "sale or exchange" in determining the character of the debtor's currency loss.
In connection with the de-listing, the euro denominated B-shares would be converted to ordinary SEK denominated B-shares.
Businesses can also receive Regional Selective Assistance grants denominated in euros where the project is internationally mobile.