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It is interesting that given the preference shown for planting new churches, as a way of creating new congregational structures without addressing the traditions and bureaucracies of established congregations, SBC leaders promote the current denominational structure (with a few tweaks) as the best model for the future.
In the city of Jacksonville, there are approximately 935 churches, 106 inter-denominational, 303 nondenominational and 526 denominational churches.
From 1807 when the first Protestant missionary arrived in mainland China until 1922, "there are working in China over l a0 different (foreign mission) boards and societies", (2) and most of these had denominational affiliations in the land of their origin and tended to reproduce denominational markings in China.
Yet there are substantive reasons for including both, especially in a book subtitled "Theology and Denominational Structures in Unsettled Times.
The working group also fears ending free denominational transport will only save a maximum of pounds 450,000 a year, force Arriva to axe five bus services and hit parental choice.
But Jeff Turnbull, director of education at the diocese of Chester said: ``The diocese is supportive of joint denominational schools but neither ourselves nor the Roman Catholic diocese back these particular proposals.
Denominational plans or retirement plans such as 403(b)s or SEPs established by religious denominations for their clerics also offer significant opportunities.
Sunday schools, perhaps to the chagrin of denominational adherents, were remarkably similar across both regional and denominational lines.
The Catholic community believes that with denominational schooling comes the creation of a common set of values - a coherent system that has the academic curriculum and moral and spiritual life in tandem.
At the same time the early twentieth-century leaders of the school envisioned its mission in trans- denominational terms.
Rather, it cuts across denominational lines; attention to this inclusive notion of spirituality should affect the ministry and missions of the Catholic Church by creating a sensitivity to and appreciation for "God-given" cultural diversity.
3] Information was fed into a database, which lists meeting times and addresses, as well as contact persons, phone numbers, nationalities, denominational affiliations, etc.