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For more denominationally focused articles on evolution and theology see the articles by Jurgen Hubner, Arthur Peacocke and Schmitz-Moormann in Svend Andersen and Arthur Peacocke (eds.
Although Beauregard is aware, especially in his discussion of the language of the Homilies, that confessional discourse can often blur into a conventional religious vocabulary, he sometimes sees language as Catholic when it might have been heard as denominationally uninflected: I think this is the case in some of the discussion of notions of grace and merit in All's Well, where more general or even secularized notions of human "reward" or "desert" might have been used.
The major Bible societies, such as the BFBS and the National Bible Society of Scotland, were confined to the publication of the Scriptures without note or comment, (29) while the scope of SPCK publication was denominationally limited, as noted above.
Directed by TV hack Ken Kwapis whose resume includes such gems as Dunston Checks In and The Beautician and the Beast, it has Williams again unleashing his Patch Adams earnestness as Rev Frank, a denominationally unspecified minister who believes in making couples take part in his Marriage Preparation Course and write their own vows before he'll perform the nuptials.
In short, the Latino religious marketplace, although predominantly Christian, is increasingly denominationally and religiously pluralistic.
Yet, for late-nineteenth and twentieth-century Protestants practising more elite and denominationally packaged versions of Christianity, the idea that material texts might move between heaven and earth was one that they seldom contemplated.
Then in the late 1830s, the Nova Scotia government became willing to support higher education denominationally.
By the 1980s, the denominationally sponsored summer camp became the norm, synagogues promoted camps with specific religious ideologies, and Jewish camps with "diverse" camper populations grew harder and harder to find.
Although the Hood Point area has generally remained a stronghold of the United Church, by 1945 the Seventh Day Adventists had also established a Church in Irupara denominationally dividing the village and creating problems which I have discussed elsewhere (Goddard and Van Heekeren 2003, Van Heekeren n.
Spirituality is not limited to theists but includes atheists, agnostics, and denominationally unaffiliated individuals.
Synagogues should be federated, "first denominationally, and next, jointly.
His ranting needed to be stopped, not because of its religious bigotry per se or because he was correct in his allegations about a cover-up in the Small case, (35) but because--with his personal grandstanding and his newspaper--he seemed to threaten the delicate balance of secular and religious identities which underpinned public authority in this denominationally and ethnically diverse province.