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As for the religious landscape of Hungary, another denominationally mixed and post-communist country, the quick religious revival in the first post-socialist years was followed by a decrease of all sociological indicators of institutional religiosity.
Similarities and Differences for Denominationally Affiliated Samples
A DENOMINATIONALLY AND politically diverse group of more than 100 U.S.
Many of the measures have limited normative data; were designed in a denominationally specific way; and lack clear instructions for administration, scoring, and interpretation (Moberg, 2002; Richards & Bergin, 2005).
He looks particularly closely at the case of Ulster Presbyterian settlement at Londonderry, New Hampshire, the site of the first Ulster Presbyterian settlement in America (founded in 1719) and concludes that the "Scotch-Irish" label was adopted in that community in the late eighteenth century by a small conservative elite, supportive of federalism, fiercely opposed to the French revolution and American republicanism, and anxious to sever the ordinary members of their community from an Ulster or Irish identity, which automatically associated them with Irish radicalism and the more generic (and denominationally neutral at the time) label of "wild" Irish.
(12) Today, much to the credit of the courts, public schools are no longer constitutionally permitted to teach origins in a denominationally slanted manner.
Although Beauregard is aware, especially in his discussion of the language of the Homilies, that confessional discourse can often blur into a conventional religious vocabulary, he sometimes sees language as Catholic when it might have been heard as denominationally uninflected: I think this is the case in some of the discussion of notions of grace and merit in All's Well, where more general or even secularized notions of human "reward" or "desert" might have been used.
The major Bible societies, such as the BFBS and the National Bible Society of Scotland, were confined to the publication of the Scriptures without note or comment, (29) while the scope of SPCK publication was denominationally limited, as noted above.
Alexander, professors of law and directors of Emory University's Center for the Study of Law and Religion, describe the new edition of their recent collection, The Teachings of Modern Christianity on Law, Politics, and Human Nature (New York: Columbia University Press, 2006) as a "leaner and more denominationally specific presentation of the same modern Christian teachings on law, politics, and society" (p.
Directed by TV hack Ken Kwapis whose resume includes such gems as Dunston Checks In and The Beautician and the Beast, it has Williams again unleashing his Patch Adams earnestness as Rev Frank, a denominationally unspecified minister who believes in making couples take part in his Marriage Preparation Course and write their own vows before he'll perform the nuptials.
In short, the Latino religious marketplace, although predominantly Christian, is increasingly denominationally and religiously pluralistic.
For a long time, Jones was an eclectic Christian, both doctrinally and denominationally, though in 1944 he committed himself to confirmation and membership in the Episcopalian Church in Wales.