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Further, Bacon's account of imposition and denotation becomes a reversal of the normal semiotic triangle from Plato and Aristotle down to the thirteenth century.
To achieve a Class II denotation, the current in-stream value of 136 kg/hr has to be reduced to at least 14 kg/hr.
The second essay that caught my eye was Peter Weingart's Chapter 5, which follows Darwin's metaphorical phrase "struggle for existence" as it lost its particular scientific denotation (in the Origin) and adopted a common meaning that was quite different.
When the dust cleared, I measured and the moon was dropped exactly 44 inches from fingertips to contact and it appears an exact edge of a case rim struck a primer hard enough for the denotation.
But the prevailing denotation of "socialism" is not a voluntary society, it is a society in which individual freedom is curtailed for the good of society.
Word meaning has four aspects: denotation, or reference to something in the "real world" (15); connotation, or "often emotive" positive and negative associations (16); sense or semantic relations, such as synonymy, antonymy, hyponymy, and meronymy (17); and collocation, or the "likelihood that two words will co-occur" (18).
Starting from 1/7/2012 until 31/7/2012 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm of each day, a unit of the army will detonate useless ammunition at Ayoun El-Syman denotation field.
Eschewing the neutral, objective reportage of nor-mative models of documentary, and influenced by the interrogation of photographic language found within certain Conceptual-art practices, Doherty began, early on, superimposing text over image as a means of investigating the relationship between the denotation of a specific place, and what might be described as a poetic nonspecificity.
Hence the desire assumes another, complementary form in the dream (impossible to realize, but impossible not to entertain) that connotation would quit its dusky existence for fluorescent literality, would become denotation.
For Morris, a term with denotation has a denotatum.
The medical centre is a denotation from Qatar and has a number of modern amenities and an operation theatre.
It will then, I am guessing, discourage most denizens thereof to discover that the contributors to Firth and Grant's volume of essays do not much engage with "theory" in this sense of the word, instead confining themselves to critics whose ideas--though they must surely he included in any comprehensive denotation of the term--long since ceased to provoke arguments or inspire original work in the academic literary profession.