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Having stated that the signified is the revealer of the meaning in the concept of the signifier, denotation and connotation initiate the order of meaning derivatives of a code (a code is a sign but a sign system is not always a code).
18 Hamas targets were levelled in the assault which was billed as a retaliation for a bomb denotation near the border which injured four Israeli soldiers, two of which sustained serious injuries.
The Senate panel also recommended that funds, foreign aid and denotation should be distributed across the country on the base of poverty not population, adding day by day the ratio of poverty
Denotation waves always have a small characteristic scale, 4~6 orders of magnitude lower than in experimental systems and 10 orders of magnitude lower than practical results.
- Similarly, BBC and Reuters have substituted the term "terrorists," the most accurate and truthful label for the attackers, with the term "armed men"; which can possibly carry a positive denotation for the reader.
"There were multiple LLCs with no denotation of his ownership."
For further understanding of this paper the main concepts and denotation system of the theories of changeable sets, kinematic sets and universal kinematics, are needed.
Galantas Gold Corporation said the PSNI was not prepared to offer sufficient resources to supervise the transportation and denotation of blasting materials at its mine in Omagh, Co Tyrone.
Summary: Celebrating diversity, culture and tradition, the heritage festival, held under the theme 'Heritage - Structure and Denotation', the festival will run up to April 22 across the emirate
In contrast, Johnson focuses on the actual 'poetics' of poetry: that is, 'the ways in which poems communicate information beyond denotation' (p.
In thinking about the influence of words, there are two types of meanings to consider for each piece of information shared with patients and families: denotation and connotation.
In order to be eligible to enter the auction, participants must pay an OMR50 fee, which is refundable if the participant does not buy a car, but if the car is sold, it will be deducted from the car's insurance; the winning bid must pay the full amount and cannot negotiate a lower price; and the buyer must pay a 3 per cent denotation.