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Then, through employing Denotations 1 and 2 and the right terms in (A.
What these latter observations reveal is that statements about the denotations of terms are to be construed as statements about how we propose to translate those terms into a background language.
There are two words which come to mind, both of them with noun and verb denotations.
He added: "That the UAEpedia content is provided in standard Arabic while it has denotations to the Bedouin or emirati terms.
The Syrian-Iranian organized exhibition, whose activities kicked off on Friday included artistic works of the Syrian artist Ayham Hweijeh and the Iranian artist Nasim Sarmadi, which were presented various denotations inspired by world stories and children poetry.
These labels are descriptors with both denotations and connotations possible.
It even has the intelligence to read special characters and linguistic denotations.
1-month difference in median PFS may appear to be comparatively small, but it is actually relatively large -- not only because HER2-positive tumors are highly aggressive, fast-growing, and associated with a high risk of recurrence but also because many people conflate the denotations of
Comme on avait deja pris l'habitude d'entendre les denotations assourdissantes, c'etaient les tuyaux d'eau, les hurlements et les helicopteres qui sillonnaient le ciel qui captaient notre attention.
The new name reflects the drive of renaming areas with authentic denotations in Abu Dhabi Emirate.
Q(s) = the function of loan repayment likelihood in accordance with the original obligation of the borrower, other denotations as in formula 1.
This volume of essays underscores the fact that "literary theory" is one of those odd terms whose connotations are narrower than its denotations.