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Comme on avait deja pris l'habitude d'entendre les denotations assourdissantes, c'etaient les tuyaux d'eau, les hurlements et les helicopteres qui sillonnaient le ciel qui captaient notre attention.
The new name reflects the drive of renaming areas with authentic denotations in Abu Dhabi Emirate.
This volume of essays underscores the fact that "literary theory" is one of those odd terms whose connotations are narrower than its denotations.
The ontology structure of the particular concept is represented by the natural language denotations of the hierarchically and non-hierarchically connected ontology concepts.
Such legal denotations can be found in phrases such as the Old English cyninges dom 'king's doom, judgment, decision.
With more symbolism creeping out of the religious/politico woodwork, items of individual reverence and personal meaning have become denotations of mainstream religion and social conditioning.
As a starter, give out the strips, asking pupils to sort themselves into linking groups based either on similar denotations or on conceptual links; or perhaps into pairs based on polar opposites, e.
If often these kinds of claims rely precisely on unspoken denotations of less normative categories as the only fashioned or fashionable ones, we see how holding one's own fashion up as natural or even "tried and true" can implicate other bodies.
Denotations included the comprehensive descriptions of all of the illustrations.
The language of form that reflects conceptual content, denotations or visual expressionism can be said to be formed by the artists' use of factors such as colour, texture, form, size, mass, volume, and permeability with their creativity, accumulation and aesthetical conception.
92-112]), the reader perceives the struggles of the translator to provide a linguistically accurate but stylistically faithful interpretation, as well as the attempts of the commentator to explain denotations and connotations of words and allusions.