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4) The longest-axis denotes the maximum extension length of target region, that is, the connection line of the maximum distance between two pixel points on outer boundary.
In each of the product categories, we will present two charts: a familiarity map that denotes how vendors are familiar to the respondents, the two parameters being if they have ever used/evaluated/using/evaluating the solutions from vendor (total reference) and those who are currently using the solution (currently using).
Here col denotes the colouring number which is defined in the paragraph below.
Throughout this section, we will denote and are two subsets of .
where f (x) denotes the original fitness function, p(x) denotes penalty function, r denotes positive coefficient and X denotes feasible solution domain.
2] denotes game strategy of the local government; d denotes satisfaction degree of the central government; e denotes benefit of the local government; f denotes satisfaction degree of the operating department.
BRONZE "S" Denotes Sharpshooter Marksman qualification
2 is represented the electrical schema, where i denotes the alternative current intensity, I denotes the light intensity, and u denotes the photodiode voltage.
kappa]] (n) denotes the additive k-power complements of n.
The arrowhead denotes participation in a combat parachute jump, combat glider landing or amphibious assault landing.
v]), V J * (P X s), L P * (p X s), where J is the spin of the parent system, s, p are the spin and momentum of the detected lepton, P denotes the momentum of the recoil system and [p.
The minus sign denotes year-on-year percentage falls or losses.