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Similarly, the window sizes tell a story about the rooms within - large zigzag fenestration denoting reading areas, tiny square windows denoting stack areas, and rectangular windows for offices.
NOTE TO EDITORS: There is a caret in the equation between ((y/x) and (l/n))-1 and in the explanation denoting 'to the power of'.
Developmental collaborators denoting the conglomerate of ACT Alliance in Nepal introduced Nepal Earthquake Recovery Project (NERP) of amount 1.
Los Angeles County supervisors seem determined to begin posting letter grades denoting the health and safety conditions of rental housing.
Neandertal skulls display a relatively flat base, denoting a larynx (voice box) high in the neck, which would have reduced the ability to make vowel sounds, these scientists maintain.
The resulting personality type includes a noun and an adjective, with the noun denoting a person's internal nature and the adjective denoting how one relates to others.
word ))) - putting a word between brackets is a way of denoting a sound.
Financial projections and words and phrases denoting the anticipated results of future events, such as "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "expects," "may" and "project" and similar expressions that denote uncertainty are intended to identify forward-looking statements and information.
The 2Gb/s FORTRA(TM) products are differentiated from earlier 1Gb/s versions by the addition of a "G" and a "2" in the part number, denoting "GBIC" and "2Gb/s" compatibility.