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WASHINGTON: In a searing denouncement, President Barack Obama slammed Donald Trump as "unfit" and "woefully unprepared" to serve in the White House Tuesday.
In a similar statement, Official Spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich denounced the Israeli attack, saying that Moscow is deeply concerned over this serious development which requires qualification, stressing that the use of force in relations among states is unacceptable and merits denouncement.
Rahul strongly defended his sharp public denouncement of the ordinance.
The denouncement comes when a film director gets the Quaid e Azam's portrait removed for a shooting sequence.
Their combined denouncement of women and proclamation against freedom of information continue to squelch the voices of truth.
The Macedonian nation has long time ago recorded all mistakes for which the responsibility is located in Branko Crvenkovski as the symbol of SDSM and his departure must be a new beginning for this political party, first through the party's denouncement, distance and apology to the Macedonian nation, Toni Naunovski comments for Dnevnik.
Following the Gulf War, 800,000 Yemenis were deported in response to Yemen's vocal support for Iraq and denouncement of the United Nation's coalition forces, which included Saudi Arabia.
Following the idea of denouncement, Hood offers up "the Realization.
At a time when, generally, there has been a drift away from death penalties in liberal democracies and vehement denouncement of shariah, calls for a greater degree of application of the ultimate punishment proves that when horrendous crimes jolt a society's collective conscience, people want serious punishments meted out.
The denouncement came after the New York Times wrote an article, claiming to have cited Obama administration officials, saying the agreement was the result of secret exchanges between American and Iranian officials that date to near the beginning of President Barack Obama's term in 2009.
Manama, Oct 16 (BNA) Budaiya Club President and board members today announced their denouncement of all acts violating law and those who are behind it disrupt national and social unity.
The claims were met by Palestinian official denouncement since the delegations wanted to enter Palestine not Israel.