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First, for the most part, it does matter who the denouncer is--whether a friend, a member of a household, a brother, a subordinate, a student, a servant--at any rate, [such a person] sins more than if an acquaintance may be denounced without any reason.
112) or an unacceptable denouncer of such acceptance; the lack of a oneness with nature; the self-flagellation: "I alone/Am dead to life and joy, therefore I read/In all things my own deadness" (2.
Because in his lifetime Anthony "found" the words to be a great scholar of scripture and theology, famous preacher and teacher, defender of the poor, and denouncer of clergy corruption, just as he has helped find things ever since, not only misplaced keys but also health lost to illness, peace of mind lost to troubles, hope lost to despair.
Eugene Ionesco, the late denouncer of rhinoceritis, "the malady of conformity," and the father of absurdist theater, has, for almost three decades, been sitting in the Pantheon of contemporary classics.
He is a denouncer of kings, a sayer of hard words, a believer in judgment, a preacher of repentance.
It's time, though, we ask ourselves what constitutes racism: the usual denouncers take the simplistic view that racism is drawing attention to the perceived anti-social aspects of life pursued by small numbers of in-comers.
Over the years, I have worked with many Arab Muslims and Christians who are true believers in the Almighty and just happen to have more progressive views in political and social issues than their reactionary denouncers.
But the denouncers of reality double down on their hostility toward recognizing that the earth has a problem.
was implicated for causing sickness and sometimes death to people known or related to the denouncers.
After dispatching the deniers and the denouncers of the Diary to the anonymity they deserve, Ms.
Conservatives need to look back to William Cobbett, Thomas Carlyle, and John Ruskin, who were critics of authoritarian statism as well as denouncers of self-serving capitalism.
Borissov's choice of Dimitrov, "one of the most vocal denouncers of the Macedonian nation," Utrinski Vestnik said, as minister responsible for Bulgarians abroad, did little to show any intention to ease tension between the two countries.