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In this paper the pore pressure generation and dissipation of the treated ground under earthquake conditions is analyzed to quantify the densification effect of ground treatment with RGP.
GPS Trimble Geoexplorer II--for the densification stations
A point in the autoclave cycle is reached when the agitator power draw during a densification approaches the full load current of the agitator drives.
This is another opportunity to work with a strategic partner to accelerate our densification plans to improve our network performance and experience for Sprint customers throughout Coxs national territory," said Sprints Chief Technology Officer John Saw.
The small cells are part of the carrier's densification strategy to increase coverage and capacity in major metro areas.
With a unique combination of SaaS-based analytics and the Densification Advisor service, Densify is a complete service for automated optimization of public, on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructures.
The CTE Bulk Bag Filler provides maximum product densification that ensures bag stability.
The city authorities have made a conscious decision to accommodate predicted population growth within the existing urbanised area through structural densification.
Finally, complete densification was not observed for the high aspect ratio particles.
After melt compounding and densification of shredded carpet proved too expensive, CARE found a solution in "cold" pressing the waste in a pellet mill.
SONOBoard[TM] 3D and Spaceboard result from a densification process dissimilar to paper or paperboard manufacture.
The electric-powered system also eliminates the problem of finding clean, compressed air and fluctuating air pressure affecting the densification process.