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Another way to densify EPS foam is with a new agglomerator from Pla.
Further processing will densify the product to greater than 96% of the theoretical density.
The system of Ericsson for putting up high-performance heterogeneous networks is based on three pillars: improve performance of current macro base station sites, densify the current network by adding macro sites at strategic places, and add small cells based on HSPA, LTE, and Wi-Fi technologies.
After this debinding step, the "brown" intermediate part is placed in a sintering oven to fully densify the part.
To control quality and cost, TPG has in-house capabilities to shred, densify, and repelletize scrap parts, purgings, chunks, rolled or baled film, sprues, pellets, and regrind for making Polyfil RP.
Sorema showed a new system called the Tramu, which may be the first to densify nylon fiber continuously.
According to Katz, his "polygel" technology makes it economically feasible for any business or institution that generates substantial amounts of PS waste to densify the waste on site and dispose of it at no cost.
Manufactures Zerglomat reclaim machines to densify low-bulk-density materials.
Depending on how the blown film line is outfitted, the system triggers adjustments in chilled-air systems, changes in blower speed, or water injection to cool and densify the air.