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HYDROMETER. An instrument for measuring the density of fluids; being immersed in fluids, as in water, brine, beer, brandy, &c., it determines the proportion of their densities, or their specific gravities, and thence their qualities.
     2. By, the Act of Congress of January 12, 1825, 3 Story's' Laws U. S. 1976, the secretary of the treasury is authorized, under the direction of the president of the United States, to adopt and substitute such hydrometer as he may deem best calculated to promote the public interest, in lieu of that now prescribed by law, for the purpose of ascertaining the proof of liquors; and that after such adoption and substitution, the duties imposed by law upon distilled spirits shall be levied, collected and paid, according to the proof ascertained by any hydrometer so substituted and adopted.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Rd., Houli Township, Central Taiwan Science Park Taichung City 421, Taiwan 886-4-255913519 Fax: 886-4-25591362 E-mail: ucan@u-can.com.tw www.ucandyna.com Instrumentation: Rheometer, viscometer, testers; fatigue, dynamic, flex-cracking, ozone chamber, aging oven, tire plunger, air permeability, oil bath, carbon black dispersion, electronic tensile, tensile strength, abrasion resistance; electronic densimeter, tire cutting machine, constant temperature and humidity chamber
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At last, the results from sieve classification and densimeter method were synthesized as the final particle distribution curve.
The pycnometer method and an Anton-Paar DMA4500 vibrating-tube densimeter were used to measure density values while thermal conductivity was determined by the Model KD2 Pro, Decagon Devices, Inc5.
The samples were air-dried and ground to pass through a 2-mm stainless steel sieve and analysed by the following procedures: particle-size distribution by the Bouyoucos densimeter method (Gee and Bander 1986); organic carbon (OC) by the wet oxidation method (Nelson and Sommers 1996); cation exchange capacity (CEC) by replacing exchangeable cations with Na using sodium acetate (NaOAC) (Chapman 1965); CaC[O.sub.3] equivalent (CCE) by neutralisation with hydrochloric acid (HC1) (Allison and Moodie 1965); soil pH in [H.sub.2]O using a 1 : 2 soil-to-solution ratio; and electrical conductivity (EC) in the saturation paste extract by conductivity meter.
The specific mass of biodiesel B-100 was measured at 40[degrees]C with an Anton-Paar densimeter 4500 to calculate the kinematic viscosity.
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Density measurements were made with an Anton-Paar densimeter with an accuracy of [+ or -] x [10.sup.-2]kg * [m.sup.3].
To address challenges associated with solids settling, line plugging and other process anomalies, PNNL developed an ultrasonic Densimeter. Created within the past five years, the Densimeter is a non-invasive tool that measures fluid density in pipes or vessels.
To address challenges associated with solids settling, line plugging or other process anomalies, the lab has developed an ultrasonic Densimeter. The Densimeter is a noninvasive tool that measures fluid density in pipes or vessel walls.