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HYDROMETER. An instrument for measuring the density of fluids; being immersed in fluids, as in water, brine, beer, brandy, &c., it determines the proportion of their densities, or their specific gravities, and thence their qualities.
     2. By, the Act of Congress of January 12, 1825, 3 Story's' Laws U. S. 1976, the secretary of the treasury is authorized, under the direction of the president of the United States, to adopt and substitute such hydrometer as he may deem best calculated to promote the public interest, in lieu of that now prescribed by law, for the purpose of ascertaining the proof of liquors; and that after such adoption and substitution, the duties imposed by law upon distilled spirits shall be levied, collected and paid, according to the proof ascertained by any hydrometer so substituted and adopted.

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The Densimeter can be mounted within piping and it withstands high-temperature environments.
Pressure and temperature within the densimeter are preset to simulate natural conditions at various depths in the earth.
com Densimeter Anton Paar USA Enolyzer Unitech Scientific, unitechcientific.
Instrumentation: Testing technologies for rubber, including universal testing machines, durometers/IRHD hardness testers, densimeter, brittleness testers, rebound resilience tester, dies, DIN abrasion tester, clicker presses, flexometers, stress relaxation tester, block oven/aging oven, fogging tester and more
will feature a new model ED-120T high-precision electronic densimeter, which employs a novel water-tank design to eliminate common problems in specific-gravity measurement.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1analyseur dynamic combustion amount 1; lot 2 balances amount 6 + standard weight and accessories; lot 3 densimeter cell quantity 1; Lot 4 sets hydrometer 1; Lot 5 Titration 2; lot 6 all DSC and accessories 1 camera + 2 + 125 presses crucibles; Lot 7 1 and 1 infrared spectrometer liquid chromatography system; Lot 8 small electrical / electronic laboratory.
The density of the extruded sheet was determined using a Precisa XT220A densimeter (Precisa Gravimetrics AG, Swiss) at room temperature.
In the method adopted by ROLAS-RS/SC, the clay content is determined with a small densimeter inside a pip tube with 20mm in diameter and 275 mm in high, after dispersion of 10g of soil with 15 mL of NaOH 0.
Instrumentation: Hardness testers H 14 (IRHD); H17A (Shore), mirco hardness testers H12 (IRHD), H17 (Shore); pocket durometers (Shore and IRHD); densimeter X21; rapid plastimeter P14; moving die rheometer D15, compression stress relaxometer C11 ; aging chamber O7E, O14; thickness gauges; testers for abrasion, compression set, low temperature, plasticity and resilience; specimen preparation equipment.