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The upper sediment densities are, however, also significantly dispersed (roughly [+ or -] 0.4 g/[cm.sup.3]) around this prevailing trend.
Effects of different plant densities on LAI showed that with increasing plant density from 7 to 10 plants [m.sup.-2], the LAI increases (Fig.
In either case, discrepancies between the measured and dry-based densities should never be greater than the localized MC fraction, and will decrease with press time.
Densities vary widely across the metropolis, reaching peaks in both disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods and the peripheral township of Alexandra.
Because density-mediated compensation is driven by the different starting densities in the postexposure period, controlling for starting density removes density-mediated compensation, leaving any carryover effects of the contaminant (plus error; Figure 1).
Paul Pontius [11] provides a compilation of the average air densities, derived from Weather Bureau data, for selected cities throughout the continental United States.
Over the past few years, the National Classification Committee (NCC) has broadened the standard scale, adding two more density groups and ratings for articles having densities of 15 pounds per cubic foot or greater, as shown in Fig.
The geometry and coercivity advantages of perpendicular recording led scientists to believe in potential areal densities that are up to 10 times greater than the maximum possible with longitudinal recording.
A 2-year soy intervention in premenopausal women does not change mammographic densities. J Nutr 134:3089-94.
As the performances of the zircon cores demonstrated, higher-density cores especially with densities near or equal to the molten metal--will greatly decrease the chance of hot distortion defects.
Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern Atlantic coastal counties will see their population densities rise by 1.5 million, or 8 percent, and 1.3 million, or 9 percent, respectively.
Question 2: Is egg density within a beach segment representative of egg densities along a larger stretch of beach?