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The dumped density will be about 80 percent of the maximum density because typically the density will be close to the minimum density of the soil.
With this double density range, we don't have to worry about that.
Complex life cycles and density dependence: assessing the contribution of egg mortality to amphibian declines.
Bulk Density ([rho]b) = oven dry soil weight, g / volume of soil solids and pores, [cm.
Given current estimates, that would suggest an areal density using perpendicular recording as great as one terabit per square inch--making possible in two to three years a 3.
Plummet is a sealed, immersible chamber of known volume and density.
This provision, which applies to practically all standard and expanded density scales, allows shippers to declare on the bill of lading a slightly heavier weight than the actual shipping weight.
Adequate calcium is required for maintaining optimal bone density throughout life (National Osteoporosis Foundation, 2000).
Bone mass, also called bone mineral density, refers to the mineral content of the bone and accounts for about half of what makes bone structure strong, says Dr.
However, in addition to the cardiovascular benefits, greater flexibility, quality of life and counterattack on problems such as diabetes, exercise--even in the form of low-level daily activity--clearly proves to be a valuable tool for the minimization of bone density loss in the elderly, and it is of particular relevance now that HRT has been called into question for postmenopausal women.
For surface-property optimization, it is useful to prepare samples with a continuously-varying number density of immobilized particles along the surface.
In Staten Island (Figure 2A), a steep rise in the density of dead crows began 2 weeks before the onset of the first human case on July 20 (7), before laboratory confirmation of viral activity.