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Thus, EB24 works as a protective agent against dental erosion.
1988), competitive swimming led to the development of severe dental erosion in inadequately maintained gas-chlorinated swimming-pools.
Amanda Feest, Dental Nurse team manager, National Health Services, UK, and Sue Field, tutor and examiner for the National Examination Board of Dental Nurses, UK, will run a workshop on the issue of dental erosion and the role of fluoride in prevention at the upcoming Middle East Dentistry Conference.
Their huge popularity among children is also raising concerns of increasing incidence of obesity and dental erosion.
Dental erosion, which is irreversible, is caused by acid attacking the surface of teeth - and citrus fruit juices in particular are very acidic.
If a regular habit of brushing the teeth is not nurtured among kids, these acidic formations can create cavities across the dental rows which can lead to tooth decay and dental erosion, which would require treatment at a later stage," the doctor says.
The sugar content is very high and may contribute to dental erosion.
Too much of these drinks can be hazardous for our health as they cause problems such as obesity, diabetes, dental erosion and kidney problems.
Schmuck, X-ray Contact Microradiography to Characterize Dental Erosion, Deminerali-zation and Remineralization, J.
Concentrating on "key issues of immediate practical relevance," Chadwick (restorative dentistry, Dundee Dental School and Hospital, UK) seeks to distill the essence of the diagnosis and management of dental erosion.
Dental erosion is caused by the direct contact of acid with the teeth, which destroys tooth tissues.