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Albert, DDS, MPH, Director, Division of Community Health, College of Dental Medicine, Columbia University.
Client Name : Al Azhar University, Faculty for Dental Medicine for Female - New, The Cashier
Supply of dental units for the needs of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University - Sofia including assembly, commissioning, training of technicians of GMF in the company - manufacturer of dental units or their authorized representative for the region in which falls within the country for post-warranty maintenance of Unity, as well as providing warranty service supplied dental units.
Our ongoing work with Bit Group consistently improves a user's experience," says Madalyn Mann, director of the Office for Extramural Programs at Boston University School of Dental Medicine and manager of the Dental Career Network.
Contract notice: Supply of equipment for the dental needs of the faculty of dental medicine, medical university - sofia.
Client Name : Ein Shams University, Faculty for Dental Medicine, The Cashier
Hunt received his OMD from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine.
Supply of raw materials and requisites for dental medicine.
In addition, Aetna is working with Columbia University College of Dental Medicine on research and educational efforts to better understand the connections between oral health and general well-being and to increase the early diagnosis and treatment of dental decay.
Contract notice: "supply, installation and warranty maintenance of medical equipment and medical devices for research in five lots for the needs of the faculty of dental medicine, medical university - plovdiv.
Seven momarsa for the supply of (a) spare parts for medical instruments, (b) an ultrasonic waves backed dissection, ironing and cutting instrument, (c) a dental medicine unit complete and a mobile x - ray instrument for dental medicine work, (d) an imaging instrument for throat, (e) an endoscope for throat, (f) a panorama instrument for dental medicine and (g) an instrument to test urine dynamics.