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SURGERY, med. jur. That part of the healing art which relates to external diseases; their treatment; and, specially, to the manual operations adopted for their cure.
     2. Every lawyer should have some acquaintance with surgery; his knowledge on this subject will be found useful in cases of homicide and wounds.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A preoperative International Normalized Ratio (INR) and coagulation screen were arranged, with Consent on the day of dental surgery. The group I continued taking warfarin as usual (anticoagulant group).
"Westmount Dental Surgery responded, agreeing to support us with funding for the next three seasons - allowing us to secure a new ground, players, management team and kit.
DeYoung recently completed his residency after having earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Dentistry.
Tropicana Dental Surgery is a full service dental practice that operates like a dental spa, where patients are pampered.
While for some people, fixing their teeth might be enough, for a large number, cosmetic dental surgery is a must for achieving perfection in the looks department.
On the Thursday morning I went around to the dental surgery by 8.20am.
Andrew Spivey, from Yarm Lane Dental Surgery, said: "We are very pleased with this achievement.
Zabrina, who qualified as a dentist in 1996, has spent 15 years at a nearby practice, and has now brought her high level of experience to Gateacre Dental Surgery.
Leading medical firms specialised in dental surgery will also take part in the conference and showcase cutting edge equipment.
A spokesman at Whitestone Dental Surgery declined to give any further comment.
nBeddau Dental Surgery, Newtown, Llantwit - three days
The 2,000sq m facility is part of the new Killingworth Health Centre which contains medical practices, offices for nurses and health visitors and a chemists in addition to the dental surgery.