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Contamination of dental unit waterlines is considerable with faecal contamination a definite possibility.
Lee TK, Waked EJ, Wolinsky LE, Mito RS, Danielson RE Controlling biofilm and microbial contamination in dental unit waterlines.
The effect of disinfectant agents in eliminating the contamination of dental unit waterlines.
Reducing Bacterial counts in Dental unit waterlines: Tap water versus Distilled water.
Dental Unit with HQ and three HQ Treatment Sections each of two Treatment Sections.
On 1 July 1995 all dental units were absorbed into the medical company of the Brigade Administrative Support Battalion and lost their individual dental unit number.
These were to be enlisted partly locally in Australia and partly from the force overseas and were to be organised as 13 Dental Units.
New dental units were formed and equipped as rapidly as men and material could be found and assembled.
While heterotrophic contamination of dental unit water may not represent a hazard to healthy patients, an equally important question is whether medically compromised patients seeking oral health treatment are at risk from such contamination.
The experimental goal of this study was to determine the total heterotrophic and hemolytic bacterial counts in samples of dental unit water.
None of the AWS water samples met either the EPA standard of 500 heterotrophic cfu/mL for potable water or the ADA standard of 200 heterotrophic cfu/mL for dental unit water.
Dr Ahmed Bin Kalban, CEO of Primary Healthcare Sector at the DHA elaborated, "The dental units have the latest x-ray equipment and are even fitted with intra-oral cameras.