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Gulay L, Nur H, Toeman T (1999) Effect of five woven fibre reinforcements on the impact and transverse strength of a denture base resin.
The removal of adherent cells from the denture base surface is an important part of denture cleansing.
The denture base is milled from a block of pink denture base resin with recesses that accurately fit each denture tooth, and the teeth are bond- ed with a proprietary bonding mechanism.
In vitro adherence of micro-organisms to denture base resin with different surface texture.
Yapici, "Effect of denture base surface pretreatment on the microleakage of a silicone-based Resilient liner", J Prosthet Dent.
Complications related to prosthesis that includes artificial teeth fracture, denture base fracture, clasp fracture and deformation and discoloration of prosthesis was visualized with the help of eye sight and wearing of artificial teeth was checked by holding denture in hand.
Lesions of OLCR in relation to dental acrylic prosthesis are located in apposition or in near proximity to the denture base, and lesions are limited to such sites of contact.
Physical examination of the fractured denture also includes the number and site of the fracture line, depth of the incisal notch, and arrangement of artificial teeth, occlusal wear, and thickness of denture base, presence of porosity /crazing.
When the existing denture base is unsatisfactory; crazed or porous.
In the later six months; any patient coming back for review or adjustments were asked about the following six complaints on a self-designed proforma: loss of retention, pain and/or generalized discomfort, denture ulceration/ mucosal ulceration under the dentures, fracture of the denture base, difficulty in eating and difficulty in speech.
Edwin Truman (1851) used Gutta percha as a denture base but it was unstable.
These deficiencies can be overcome by using a cast lower denture base and adequate extension of the base.