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Przebieg i rozmiary denudacji w obrebie srodwysoczyznowych basenow sedymentacyjnych podczas poznego vistulianu i holocenu [The Pattern and Magnitude of Denudation in Intraplateau Sedimentary Basins During the Vistulian and Holocene].
Six of 8 histologic features, including endothelial cell separation, intraluminal schistocytes, intraluminal fibrin, intraluminal microthrombi, loss of glands, and mucosal denudation, were statistically increased in patients who met all the parameters for hrTA-TMA.
The transection of IR rats (Figure 3B) revealed the presence of highly swollen renal tubules with epithelial denudation of the basement membrane (glomerular hypertrophy) and few necrotic tubules.
Hypogenic karst is often only exposed by surface denudation and incidental breaching of voids (Palmer 1991; Klimchouk et al.
However, this type of surgical model differs substantially from the mechanical and biological aspects of a percutaneous intervention, lacking key aspects including arterial wall stretch, endothelial denudation and luminal blood flow following injury.
The study area is situated in the region of SE denudation margin of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin of lower tableland character (dominantly Upper Cretaceous sedimentary siliciclastic rocks; e.g.
In an autopsy study, there was found that even temporary catheters were associated with focal and local endothelial damage, endothelial denudation and attached organized thrombus, endothelial cells, and collagen [5].
Full-thickness epithelial damage resulted in the disruption of basal cell adhesion to the basal lamina, total loss of epithelial layer, and denudation of underlying stroma (Figure 1(b), N).
In turn, ipsi-lateral carotid rings exhibited balloon-elicited endothelium denudation, which triggered a gradual neointimal proliferation followed by irregular reendothelialization from the eighth day till the forty-fifth day after surgery (Figure 1).
This rapid cooling is followed by a state of transition from rapid to slow cooling ( ~20 deg C/Ma in the time range of ~14-11 Ma) which is the end of tectonic denudation at the end of normal-slip along the dome bounding faults.