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1 million hectares of unproductive, denuded and degraded forestlands, which contribute to environment-related risks, such as soil erosion, landslides, and flooding.
The graves in the wild habitat seem to be in an old area of the graveyard, and those wishing to visit should weigh that against the need of wildlife trying to survive on an increasingly denuded world by the human population.
Illegal loggers have been blamed for denuded mountains in the Philippines.
Secondly, to attract someone from private industry again would seem to be wishful thinking as the policies of the council in recent years have denuded the island of inward private investment, so little competition again then
It has been observed that the immature germinal vesicle stage oocytes tolerate the cryopreservation damage more efficiently compared to oocytes at metaphase-II and cumulus compact oocytes are less vulnerable to cryo-injuries compared to their denuded counterpart.
Me, I'll stick with my grand a d 's verdict on denuded domes: "Grass doesn't grow on a busy street.
Not only did they stop this mindless destruction of forests, women undertook reforestation in areas, which were denuded.
General secretary Paul Noon said: "We will be scrutinising where these job losses fall to ensure this is not just an exercise to reduce the headcount, leaving FSS denuded of the skills it needs.
At night-time after everyone has gone to bed he creeps downstairs and bites all the apples and pears, mixes pieces of ham in the strawberry jam, glues sox to the wall, changes the times of the wall clock, and on the next page 'He really is a naughty bear, to cut off all my dollies' hair' with a double-page illustration of the denuded dollies.
In the present study, we investigated the activation of phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K) pathway on cells cultured over the chitosan matrix, chitosan silver matrix, chitosan gold matrix, intact and denuded human amniotic membrane (HAM).
Nin, an undue idea on end, anidian eddy, anidian dune, a denuded undine nun, a deo, a neo-Nana, Danae, Danu, Diana, a noonday Onanoid dandy, a union in deed and a union denied, Nin, a neon ode--done, undone, ended [Sara Bailey]
The entire top of one seamount, Kukenthal Peak, is denuded, Waller said, and on another, Yakutat Seamount, "the number of live corals documented on the plateau was negligible," the scientists wrote.