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In conclusion, amniotic membrane with intact epithelium allowed the persistence of the limbal epithelial cells, which express the putative stem cell markers, while the limbal epithelial cells cultured over amniotic membrane with denuded epithelium had more of differentiated cornea phenotype cells.
1 million hectares of unproductive, denuded and degraded forestlands, which contribute to environment-related risks, such as soil erosion, landslides, and flooding.
In Part II, an extraordinary sequence of solos takes place on a denuded stage to growling, long lines of music by Thom Willems.
The single-drug regimen, in contrast, denuded 16 of 23 rats and left another seven with mild to moderate hair loss.
The 17-week premature newborn treated with OrCel suffered from a denuded left hip wound and a tear involving the right axilla.
7 million denuded hectares, only 15,000 hectares were planted to bamboo from 2010 to 2016.
Project #IP-7370-4-1: East branch of Spencer, denuded reach downstream of Jungermann Road (stream stability)
Areas most vulnerable to flash floods are locations in or below steep mountain terrains, on or below hillsides denuded by recent wildfires, and in normally dry washes in the Antelope Valley, the Weather Service said.
To Italians, this urban scene - a denuded park clearly situated on the outskirts of the city - suggests the squalid existence of those on society's fringes (the incorrect English of the title is also a signifier of social class).
The damage estimate, in the billions, continues to mount as mudslides damage denuded hillsides.
Agency for International Development reported "an environmental nightmare unfolding before our eyes": Ethiopia's topsoil eroding at an annual rate in excess of 1 billion tons, as its growing masses denuded their land to provide firewood for warmth and cooking.
This agreement grants to Wacker a non-exclusive license to produce MEMC's new product feature, Magic Denuded Zone(TM) (MDZ(TM)), and grants MEMC a non-exclusive license to technology contained in several related patents owned by Wacker.