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DENUNCIATION, crim. law. This term is used by the civilians to signify the act by which au individual informs a public officer, whose duty it is to prosecute offenders, that a crime has been committed. It differs from a complaint. (q.v.) Vide 1 Bro. C. L. 447; 2 Id. 389; Ayl. Parer. 210, Poth. Proc. Cr. sect. 2, Sec. 2.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Sandmann and the Covington students were denounced as racists and examples of "white privilege." They were subjected to vile epithets and denunciations from not only anonymous Internet trolls, but from writers and commentators in the national media, Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and--most disheartening of all--their own diocese and school.
They said that while it was legitimate and necessary to speak out against the abuse of power by some men, the constant denunciations have spiralled out of control.
Nikki Haley has repeatedly issued denunciations of UNESCO in the past
'The Committee reminds the State party about denunciations of the Second Optional Protocol, as set out in its General Comment No.
Labour-union newspapers, despite being controlled by the state, have published many stories on workers' hardships, labour exploitation and law/contract violation by management, as well as workers' denunciations of law/contract violation.
Summary: Fouad Siniora's testimony to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon this week is doing much to explain why pro-Syrian figures expressed such harsh criticism and fiery denunciations of the former prime minister in the run-up to his appearance before the STL.
Summary: A top Egyptian official is defending sweeps through the offices of 10 human rights and democracy groups, rejecting denunciations from the U.S., U.N.
In addition, Anonymous has posted a widget that it claims will enable members to send "completely anonymous denunciations" regarding cartel crimes or corrupt authorities, which they pledge to investigate.
It analyzes the rules governing unilateral withdrawals from and denunciations of multilateral treaties and considers the insights they offer for understanding how a "default view" that permits states to withdraw from CIL might function in practice.
For this, he suffered personal attacks and angry" denunciations locally and nationally.
Comment: In view of his vociferous denunciations of Catholic doctrine in the past, it is difficult to believe that Fr.