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These denunciatory readings have not gone unchallenged.
Mixing documentary, fiction and live action, the show also mixes the enjoyment of television with the denunciatory activity of a viewer who passes on advice to central office' (Rath 1985: 200).
The dominant political culture, based on the ideal of the total destruction of the adversary, provided the model for behavior in conflict situations: denunciatory articles in the press, accusatory speeches at party meetings, appeals to superior bodies and authorities, and squeaing to the relevant organs (205-301).
Although Tomochic could chronologically be included in such group I argue that the testimonial and denunciatory thematic against the State places the text outside the cycle of the founding novels of Latin America.
Its commentary on Bush's hapless public demeanor and his continually exaggerated formulations--particularly in the first days after September II--is chiefly denunciatory rather than analytical.
Lieberich's Deutsche Rechtsgeschichte, whose most recent edition repeats, in passing, a version of the sort of denunciatory claim that used to be made in the earlier part of this century:
His poems, lyrical and romantic in tone and classical in form, developed from the early descriptive poetry collected in Here and Now (1945) and Now Is the Place (1948) into the tough and denunciatory expressions of his hatred of the bourgeoisie contained in In the Midst of My Fever (1954) and The Cold Green Element (1955).
The Mayor periodically tries to get Newfield fired; calls him "a lying, contemptible person"; writes obsessive, denunciatory letters to the editor about him [see The Nation, July 4/11, 1987]; and once startled a Washington Post reporter by giving him, unsolicited, a derogatory file on Newfield.
For Duran, this character epitomizes Revueltas' aesthetic strategy in not offering the comfortable distance of a denunciatory metaphor, but instead representing the negative possibilities of the communist dialectic ideal and the extreme alienation of capitalist society.
The prewar denunciatory campaigns against "enemies of the people" gave way during the war to hatred of the external Nazi enemies, to whom the official discourse linked the "internal" Ukrainian nationalists.
It is not that her approaches to the subject is demythificational or denunciatory.
These may not have been included in the text as such, but it [the Document] gives us the possibility to become more denunciatory of certain phenomena.