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In October, in denying the request, the IRS cited the 1993 ruling that Ruth had knowledge and reason to know of the items that gave rise to the tax deficiency.
Accordingly, I am denying your request to allow Inmate Squire a legal telephone call.
The defensive team is applying tight man-to-man pressure, denying all passes.
The Christian Coalition has filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service, charging that the federal tax agency discriminated against the group by denying its application for permanent tax-exempt status last year.
First, does the Constitution's Due Process Clause shield officers from departmental discipline for falsely denying allegations of misconduct?
What possible justification can there be for denying this basic civil right to a few million same-sex American couples?
Clearly defining and documenting your reasons for accepting or denying an applicant can drastically reduce the risk you take in evaluating an application.
In Missouri, Rachel Dickens will be getting another shot at custody of her daughter after the state appeals court ruled that an earlier decision was wrong in denying her custody because she lived with her same-sex partner.
The IRS's central and most successful argument in denying a corporate taxpayer in bankruptcy an interest deduction is its claim that the "fact of the liability" has not occured.
The penalty of denying Church teaching against euthanasia--as shown above--entails the loss of full communion with the Church.