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But the dominant deontological theory of property (at least in the
The sternest versions of deontological theory, most notably Kant's, prohibit lying in absolutely every case; but most versions, though they consider lying to be prima facie wrong, permit it in those cases in which one is forced to choose between lying and another intrinsically wrong action that is even worse (e.
After stacking the deck so that his favorite approach, a vaguely Kantian deontological theory, looks obviously superior to an audience unaccustomed to the complexities of moral philosophy and willing to be led by the hand, Fetzer declares the matter settled.
Telling the truth is at the heart of this deontological theory (Kant, 1996).
Of course the Schwartz and Scott analysis only merges efficiency into autonomy, so far as Contract theory is concerned, if the autonomy that Schwartz and Scott wind up with is the autonomy deontological theory posits.