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Univariate tests reveal that subjects who felt greater risk in the ethical dilemma ascribed greater importance to the deontology measure than subjects in the low risk group, in support of H1.
Among them is the work on medical deontology of Henrique Jorge Henriques, entitled Retrato del Perfecto Medico (1595), in which Veiga is referred to as an 'admirable, y perfecto Medico, que otro hasta el dia de oy no ha auido dende (sic) los Gentiles'.
Deontology refers to the specific actions or behaviors of an individual (Vitell et al.
Many ethicists prescribe methods for reaching ethically correct decisions by adhering to the perspectives of specific schools of ethical thought like deontology or consequentialism.
273, 285-95 (1996) (taking issue with Hurd, especially as to whether deontology requires categorical prohibitions).
In principle then, deontology focuses on universal statements of right and wrong, concerning the duties and rights of individuals.
A more moderate approach to deontology, employing what is known as the "practical imperative" rather than the "categorical imperative" calls for the actor to consider the consequences of his or her actions in order to take the course of action that will result in a greater number of good duties being met and a greater number of bad consequences being avoided.
1) Deontology (deon = obligation) literally means science of duty.
However, even more than these abrupt technical changes, what is most characteristic about the statistics apparatus in the countries in transition has to do with the deontology and ethics of the statistician's job itself.
He argues explicitly that Kantian deontology, in parallel with and often fusing with utilitarianism, has not and cannot address the moral bankruptcy of late modernity.
ASBU director-general has also been mandated to take action against the Lebanese Communication Group in case it reneges on its commitment to professional media standards and the deontology code of ethics, as well as the international covenants and treaties.
87) Deontology is a moral philosophy that "gives expression to the view that right conduct consists in doing that which is intrinsically just (e.