depart from

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They obtain leave, with some difficulty, to depart from Dancali.
It would have been no violent fancy to have imagined, that the spirit fluttered about the placid lips of the old woodsman, reluctant to depart from a shell, that had so long given it an honest and an honourable shelter.
I am about to depart from the village of the Loups, and shortly shall be beyond the reach of your voice.
And as I know that many have written on this point, I expect I shall be considered presumptuous in mentioning it again, especially as in discussing it I shall depart from the methods of other people.
The New York-Rio de Janeiro trip, Flight 987, will depart from Kennedy International Airport at 9:30 p.
The flight will depart from Rio at 8:15 PM and transit through Sao Paulo with departure there scheduled at 10:15 PM, arriving in Lima at 1:25 AM the following day and terminating its journey at Los Angeles at 8:45 AM.
CRETE - pounds 169pp - Save pounds 99 - Depart from Gatwick to Crete on July 1 for seven nights for pounds 169 per person including tax and S/C accommodation.
Flight 109 will depart from London at 11:35 and arrive in Boston at 14:00, Flight 125 will depart from London at 15:15 and arrive in Boston at 17:45, while flight 155 will depart from London at 18:05 and arrive in Boston at 20:35.

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