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age 73 years, a resident of Elkins, WV departed this life Monday afternoon, June 8, 2015 at the Monongalia General Hospital at Morgantown, WV.
Marcel, 79, of Greenacres, FL and formally of Leicester, MA departed this life on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 in West Palm Beach, FL.
Now until February 28 FRANK (John McArdle, below) has money worries, and after years of struggling to keep his head above water he's splashed out on a new canoe and departed this life from.
Departed this life on Wednesday Nov 5, 2014, aged 92 years.
Chicken death reality is hard to stomach I'M a big fan of Pizza Express and frankly I don't much care how the chicken in my favourite pollo pesto pasta departed this life.
James Puckette Carter departed this life on February 13, 2014, succumbing to complications of illness.
One of the core tenets of the faith is that the Lord permits Church members to be baptized in behalf of their friends and relatives who have departed this life (see mormon.
Treasured memories of my dearly beloved wife Mary Teresa, who departed this life on December 24th 2004.
This memoriam is placed on behalf of Joe's Dad Bill, brothers Dick and John, sisters Florrie, Winnie, Betty, Tilly and Aggie, my mother who all departed this life only ever knowing that Joe was Missing in Action.
At the church where Diana was christened, Canon George Hall told the royal congregation, "We thank God for Diana, Princess of Wales, and for all our loved ones who have departed this life.
His Excellency departed this life on Wednesday, July 27, 2011.
The master of literary narrative departed this life with a narrative flourish worthy of the literary scholar's attention, gratifying to readers and historians alike.

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