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Route 91, McKenzie Bridge: The trip departing from Eugene Station at 5:30 p.
GOA (12nts, b/b, 2*) Nov 27, departing Gatwick, pounds 499, Jewel in Crown Holidays (www.
Departing Edinburgh on May 12, seven nights half-board at the three-star Beverly Park in Gran Canaria.
In fact, networking among former employees has reached such heights that some hospitals have asked departing employees to promise not to recruit former co-workers when they take new positions.
This gain is considered capital gain unless a portion of the payment is attributable to the departing partner's share of the partnership's substantially appreciated inventory or unrealized receivables (as defined under Sec.
Departing Glasgow on June 19, three nights, includes accommodation from a choice of three-star hotels in Barcelona, costs from pounds 225 per person.
Bruges 4 Days Departing 19 March, 19 April, 21 May, 18 June, 6 August, 17 September, 22 October & 12 November 2006 from pounds 149
7 nights self-catering in Fuerteventura, departing Belfast on March 9, from pounds 224pp
7 nights visiting TENERIFE, departing February 2, 2012, only pounds 599 pp incl taxes and charges; ?
The daily SWISS Zurich to Florence schedules, with connection to and from the UK, include flight LX 1678, departing Zurich 07:35, arriving Florence 08:50; flight LX 1674, departing 12:50, arriving 14:10; and flight LX 1680, departing 17:45, arriving 19:00; local time.

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