department of justice

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At the beginning of April 2002, The Department of Justice was investigating 350 incidents nationwide, see U.
Ultimately, these policy directives flow from the Department of Justice through the Federal Bureau of Prisons to penitentiaries throughout the U.
If a deal is not given sufficient forethought, Department of Justice approval may be contingent on restructuring of the newly proposed merger or divestiture of certain product lines.
Microsoft remains committed to working collaboratively with the Department of Justice, the States and others in the industry in our continuing effort to meet fully our obligations under the final judgment.
Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Police Executive Research Forum, The Police Response to Gangs (Washington, DC, 1997), 14-15.
Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section, P.
The California Department of Justice, California Bureau of Investigation, Foreign Prosecution Unit can assist U.
The Department of Justice has reviewed the proposal and advised the Board that consummation of the proposal would not likely have any significantly adverse competitive effects in the Muscatine banking market or any other relevant banking market.
Department of Justice, A Resource Guide on Racial Profiling Data Collection Systems: Promising Practices and Lessons Learned (Washington, DC, 2001), 3, defining racial profiling as "police-initiated action that relies on.
Second, we are working with the Department of Justice to target certain state member banks for fair lending examinations where HMDA data suggest disparate treatment of minority mortgage loan applicants.

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