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DEPARTMENT. A portion of a country. In France, the country is divided into departments, which are somewhat similar to the counties in this country. The United States have been divided into military departments, including certain portions of the country. 1 Pet. 293.
     2. By department is also meant the division of authority, as, the department of state, of the navy, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Concessions - the letting of space to a particular manufacturer or retailer, especially in the fashion sector - have also become an integral part of most department stores in recent years.
At each observation the patron's choice of options in ascending to or descending from the department store was recorded.
With the troubled 1980S now over, the department store landscape looks much different than it did 10 years ago.
But the perfume companies deliberately limit their products to fancy department stores (instead of discount drug and cosmetic outlets) to make them seem more chic.
The department store was built during the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945) and was the tallest building in Tainan at the time of its completion in 1932.
The department store said it will open Kiana Dance Studio by Lotte at its Ilsan branch in Gyeonggi Province, Friday, and will operate it jointly with Kiana Entertainment.
People enjoy the Christmas and New Year lights in front of the GUM department store on the Red Square in Moscow.
"As a young boy I used to love to go and see Santa Claus in the department stores. I remember my first visit was Santa at a department store in Newport called Owen Owen," he says.
For a certain type of shopper, the department store plays an important role in providing quality, familiarity and a range of brands under one roof.
And in 2016 Wildings, a Newport-based department store that had been in the city since 1874, revealed it was downsizing - closing off two of its floors just two years after a PS140,000 refurbishment at the Commercial Street store.
The 18th century department store, found in Pall Mall, London, was open from 1796 to 1820 and could be considered a template for the modern stores given its divided layout.
The retail chain admits that the department store, opened in 1968, needs significant investment for its modernisation.

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